How to keep your ATV in perfect condition

An ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is a vehicle meant to be driven on uneven and bumpy terrains. They are very practical machines that allow us to access places that regular cars would have trouble with. ATVs, also called four-wheelers or quads, have evolved and are now often used for recreational purposes.

Their history starts with motorcycles. ATVs were first invented because of demand from motorcycle drives for a vehicle that could also be driven in harsh winter conditions. The first ATV proper was a three-wheel vehicle by Honda that became popular in the 1970s due to its appearance in the James Bond movie series. In the next decade, the four-wheeler we know today was developed.

ATVs are meant to be driven by single drivers. They are a great hobby if you like spending your free time alone with no distractions. When riding off-road on an ATV you can be alone with your thoughts which is not easy nowadays.

If you decide to purchase your own ATV you need to be prepared to care for it properly. It is a big investment and it would be a shame for the ATV to get damaged because of negligence. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your machine in perfect condition.

How to maintain your ATV

Break it in

No ATV is ready to take out on an intense drive on its first day. You need to give it time to break in properly to make sure that all the parts are lubricated and work as they should. You will find out all about the break-in procedure from the manufacturer or the car dealership where you buy your machine. It usually involves not going full-throttle for the first twenty four hour period but be sure to check the specifications for your model to not have your warranty voided.

Clean it regularly

Driving an ATV off-road is a great way of acquiring cool mud marks on the exterior of your vehicle. It is important to clean them off after each excursion if you want to avoid having your machine damaged by moisture, and in turn, corrosion. There is nothing pretty about a rusty ATV. And if the mud gets inside the engine and other components it can cause clogging and your ATV will have to be serviced by professionals.

Maintain the tires

Tires are the most important part of an ATV that ensures it can run on any terrain. Check the pressure of your tires before you set out on a ride because low pressure makes them more susceptible to damage. Always keep a spare tire on hand just in case. Home Depot Wheels are an inexpensive option that will give you peace of mind when out on the road.

Change the oil

Oil is an integral part of the ATV engine. It needs to be changed more often than a regular car’s engine oil because it gets dirtier more quickly. Any dirt residue in the oil has to be cleaned before it can cause any damage to the engine. Also, check the oil levels regularly to ensure that you are never running low. Refer to your machine’s manual to see how often the oil should be changed.