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Here’s Why Clothes Steaming is Better Than Ironing

Do you find ironing your clothes troubling, time-consuming and ineffective? That’s because you didn’t try steaming yet. Spending a couple of hours to neatly iron a shirt should remain in the past. There is a constant battle between steaming and ironing, and this is the main reason why this article will give you enough facts to decide who’s the winner.

Getting rid of the annoying creases is no longer a problem if you choose the appropriate tool for it. Here’s a short list of the benefits of steaming clothes instead of ironing them:

Say goodbye to creases in an instant

In some cases, irons are not that efficient because they don’t heat up to the level you’d want it to. Without a high temperature, you won’t obtain that crisp result you are searching for. In other cases, irons heat too much and you end up ruining your clothes. Either way, you have a reason to at least try steaming instead of ironing.

Steaming is efficient when it comes to removing any wrinkle or crease that your clothing may have. Moreover, it is much more rapid compared to ironing and you can simply hang the clothing item and run the steamer along its surface. How convenient is that?

It helps with allergies

Steaming is well-known for its power to kill germs. If you are a person who struggles with allergies, then steaming might become your life savior. Springtime allergies cause a multitude of unpleasant symptoms. Dust is the biggest enemy of people who suffer from allergies and it immediately triggers the symptoms you want so bad to avoid.

Unfortunately, clothes store a lot of dust, so when you move them around it’s impossible not to inhale some dust. Ironing doesn’t help with this aspect, while hot steam helps with reducing the amount of dust present on your clothes, while also freshening them. In case your clothes happened to catch any odor, you are one steam away from getting rid of it.

It works with most items

If you were wondering whether steam is efficient with all types of materials and clothing items, the answer is yes. Steaming works with all sorts of textiles and it is strongly recommended for sensitive materials such as silk, which can’t be ironed. You can even steam jackets or suits for a quick freshening.

Remember how uncomfortable it is to get your curtains down to iron them? Well, steaming lets you do it while they sit still where they belong. Quickly remove dust off upholstery, mattresses or any other textile items in your home. The finish you’ll get by using a steamer is, indeed, more relaxed compared to the one obtained with an iron, but you are going to fall in love with it in a matter of time.

You have all the reasons to try any of these steam irons instead of a regular iron. Once you decide to give it a shot, share your experience with the people out there who are still trying to decide. In case you are still not convinced, read more about this topic and the health benefits of steam. You’d be amazed how much of a difference it can make in your life.